In early July of 2017. God literally woke me up out of my sleep & told me to make pin badge buttons. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what that even meant at the time but I listened. From that moment O’Buttonz was created. If you’re wondering how I got that name, here’s how I came up with it. I simply took the first letter of my first name & put it with buttons but buttons sounded so boring at the time so I put a Z on the end to give the name extra sauce. It clicked like a seatbelt & we were off for a ride. I almost instantly realized making buttons was my passion. As the chosen one of badges.

I started off making & designing basic small regular 1.25 inch gloss buttons, then I started doing custom buttons for baby showers, clothing lines, bars etc. Then I eventually started making bigger buttons. I started to realize most of my customers were women. That drove me to start developing & manufacturing Glitter Buttonz, because yes, women love glitter! The GB is a button that has rare flare, a flare that is unmatched & shines impeccably in the light, the glitter is designed to never wipe off. I needed a male counterpart to the glitter button so I created Leather Buttonz. The LB is a button that is made with faux leather & holds excellent color. As time went on I started conducting business with a lot of businesses so that is what ultimately made me come up with Smart Buttonz. WARNING, the SB’s are next level. O’Buttonz is the place where Buttonz come to level up. We will provide you with an excellent customer service experience that is unmatched.

O’Buttonz is ambition, innovation, & sauce rolled up into a wearable accessory. Grow with won’t regret it

- KOB KingOFButtonz